Priscilla or Ann-Margaret?

A few days into production on “Girl Happy,” Ann-Margret came to visit Elvis on the set.  We were filming all night on the back lot of MGM, famous for many classic movies going back to the golden era of Hollywood.  They’d met a year before when she costarred with him in “Viva Las Vegas,” and the attraction between these two sex symbols was instantaneous; Elvis became deeply infatuated with her.  Gossip had it that things between them were serious; Elvis dismissed the stories as studio publicity, but they were true.  Priscilla made her displeasure known to Elvis, and though he pleaded his innocence, she really didn’t buy it.  Neither did anyone else who knew him.

When Ann-Margret walked onto the back lot around eleven o’clock one evening, all eyes were instantly glued to her, including Elvis’ – he lit up like an incandescent light. When Elvis finished shooting his scene, he eagerly walked over to her. They hugged, and then he took her by the hand and motioned me to follow them.  We entered Elvis’ tiny, cramped dressing room trailer with barely enough space for two people, let alone three.   Elvis seated himself at a small table in front of a mirror surrounded by light bulbs so I could do his hair.

Taking care of Elvis’ hair was certainly a different experience for me that night.  As always, my first obligation was to make certain Elvis’ hair looked perfect, camera-ready for his next scene.   But this time I was engrossed in the interchange between Elvis and Ann-Margaret, the room buzzing with electricity and their emotions flying in all directions.  Each time they looked at one another their self-consciousness and magnetic attraction were obvious and transparent.  My main dilemma was to do the task at hand despite the distractions. There I was, standing between them in very tight quarters, brushing Elvis’ hair; with Ann-Margret’s body so close to mine that I could actually feel her breasts on my back.  Talk about a blessing and curse! It was a tough job…but somebody had to do it.

Elvis and Ann-Margret were beautiful together; they shared an energy and enthusiasm for life that made you feel happy for them. Elvis was very fond of her and loved to make her laugh.

They seemed to have all the elements for an enduring relationship, but Elvis confided that she intimidated him.  She had her own very successful career, which she wasn’t about to throw over for anyone, and – more importantly – she was independent and wouldn’t take a submissive role.  Few woman Elvis became involved with had that kind of resolve and sense of self.

Elvis recognized that he’d never exert the control over her that he had then over a young, inexperienced Priscilla.  It inevitably came down to a choice between Priscilla, someone Elvis believed he could sequester a couple of thousand miles away whenever he wanted to enjoy his “freedom,” and Ann-Margret, who challenged him, if only because her life didn’t revolve around his.  It was a challenge he never rose to with any woman.

Several hours after Ann-Margret left the lot, Elvis and I retreated back to his dressing room between scenes. Elvis didn’t waste a minute, plunging right into what was foremost on his mind.  “Lawrence, it’s between Ann and Priscilla.  And what’s really strange is that they look so much alike, almost like sisters.  But to tell you the truth I don’t think things would work out with Ann and me. Two egos like ours, two careers.  There’s bound to be conflicts. I really care for her. But to tell ya the truth, I really don’t think it would be a lasting thing.”

Elvis then explained what he believed was the main obstacle to continuing with Ann. “Women should stay at home and raise a family.  That’s how I was raised.” A small smile crept over Elvis’ face. “I’ll tell you something I learned a long time ago.  There’s more to life than lust.”

In the wilds of Hollywood, Elvis’ attitudes towards women were almost quaint.  He eschewed promiscuity, although he had certainly gone through some wild periods.  “Man, when I learned that I was going into the army I went hog wild. Larry, I had sex with every girl I could find.  I went as far as I could, until I got so exhausted I ended up in the hospital. I guess I needed that experience; it made me realize then that sex without love or affection is a waste.”

“Besides, I’m committed to Priscilla,” he said, “and someday I’ll live up to my promise to her and to her dad.  Priscilla reminds me of my mom. She wants to be a mother and raise children.  She doesn’t want a showbiz career; she just wants to be my wife.”

Elvis seemed very satisfied and content that he had made such an important decision, and a few years later he kept his promise and married Priscilla.  He remained very fond of Ann-Margaret, and their friendship lasted the rest of his life.

About Larry Geller

Before becoming Elvis Presley's personal hairstylist, spiritual mentor and confidant in 1964, I worked with the famed Jay Sebring in the very first men's hair styling salon. Our clientele read like a Hollywood Who's Who: Frank Sinatra, Paul Newman, Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Peter Sellers, Rock Hudson and many more. The last time I did Elvis' hair was for his funeral in August of 1977.
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  1. Cristy Fifield says:

    Hi Larry,
    I haven’t read your book, but I get the feeling that you believe Elvis didn’t believe in Jesus or the resurrection. Is that a true assumption? I’m not being disrespectful at all. Elvis is part of my spiritual journey, and I just have some questions.

    Even though I was born almost exactly a year after Elvis passed away; I have some things in common with Elvis. Gospel music was a huge part of my childhood. I have known Jesus, since I was a child. I feel him near me at all times. I have for as long as I can remember. Not many people known Jesus at such a young age, like Elvis and I did. My Dad and I used to go to a small Pentecostal church in Alabama. After service on Sunday night the congregation ( about 15-20 people) would go to what looked like a shack behind the small church. That’s where the Baptisms took place. In the small shack behind the church. After my Preacher was finished with the Baptisms my Dad would put a self made Gospel tape into a small radio, and everybody would sing for probably hours. Singing Gospel music is my fondest memory as a child. My Dad and I would go in the basement and sing loudly to his Gospel records for what seemed like hours. We’d go to my Aunt and Uncles house and play records and sing with them. My uncle doddled over me, and he looked so much like Elvis. He wasn’t trying too, but he just looked a lot like Elvis. I think that’s a big part of me liking Elvis so much. Elvis’ Gospel music keeps my Uncles spirit alive, and those wonderful moments as a child alive also!

  2. Regina says:

    Hi Larry. I love Jesus Christ my Saviour and I know Elvis was raised in church and I have wondered since a child of Elvis ever professed to be saved. I hope so, a man so sweet and generous and blessed with such an unbelievably beautiful gift, I hope with all my heart he knew the Lord. Thank you for loving him when it seemed that so many just used him. I can only imagine how he must have loved you. God bless you

  3. Henna says:

    Hello Larry. Im from Finland, i was 9 years old when i found elvis presley in my life. It is 16 years ago now. What kind of person Elvis was?

  4. Deena says:

    Hello Larry, I hope you well. I have been thinking of you recently. I hope we can catch up when I get to the states sometime through the year.
    Warm regards
    Kancho Deena

  5. Nancy Allen Flashman says:

    Larry, now it has been almost 40 years since Elvis passed away and it is like he never left the building. He gave everything of himself to his fans and his memory is timeless. There is and will never be a star that shined as bright or as long.

  6. Roger Ruf says:

    Hello Larry,

    I think it was so awesome that Elvis and you had such a connection of spiritual and honest relationship. Both Elvis and you were in search of truth, to know Gods words and meaning, for are presence and understanding of our well being.
    I myself, face the many questions for the truth. Larry, do you believe that the answer could be so simple, such as opening our eyes in the morning and taking a fresh breath of air and look at the creation, blue skies, blue oceans and a beautiful warm sun that shines directly on our face, just feeling his presence. Larry, do you believe that Elvis came to terms with his god, and understood why his presence on earth was justified and meant to be.
    Larry, hope to hear from you soon and I also would like to thank you for being such a wonderful, and true friend to Elvis, and helping him in his guidance and understanding on what the truth really is!!! Larry, Elvis did search you out and he defiantly needed you in his life, while others were taking advantage of his generosity and fame, that’s why his inner circle of friends were bitter and jealous of the times, you two spent together.
    Again, Thanks for being their, when Elvis needed you.

    Take it Easy,


  7. Anna Maria Facchiano says:

    Larry, I believe you are a really true Elvis’s friend . I coudn’t say the same for the other MM’s members, with the exception of three or four of them, I would like to know their nnames from you, but I know that’s impossible. I saw all Your videos and interviews, but I want to buy your books, but here, in Rome (Italy) it’s very difficult to find any reliable books on Elvis.They stoop to the Beatles. Unfortunately,I don’t know how to buy books on line.I live alone and up to now I din’t suceed in finding anyone ready to help me. I want to talk with you,because i love Elvis and he has not been teated well by many mean and envyous people.

    I don’t want to be unfair towards Priscilla,but I can’t approve her behaiviour before Elvi’s’ death.She met him when she was olny 14 and evrybody can understand her infatuation for the superstar,as everybody can understand Elvis’s crash on her .He was alone, in a foreigner land, devasted for the recent loss of his beloved mother, worried about his carrier because of his 2 tears of absence etc.I can’t understand her parents, above all his stepfather,so rigorous and protective,that after the first objections and hesitations,laid down his conditions and actually committed Elvis to date her with the unavoidable final marriage.Wouldn’t it be more correct and honest to propose a simple firendship for some time to know each other better and see whether they were suitable for a real marriage? Could he believe that Priscilla, once at Graceland ,would live with Vernon and his wife so close to Elvis? Up to this momemt,Nothing to say against Priscilla.She, is very feminine, very seductive, very conscious of her beauty , since she was a little girl,and of its power on men, had only won her battle,thanks to her strong and determined character.Character that didn’t come out with Elvis; she was a yes -girl,accepting all that Elvis asked her to do. So he hoped to shape her into his ideal woman, only his woman, fulfilling also his Mother’s dreams.

    You wrote that Elvis said.” I’m very fond of Ann But I think that she would never give up her career and I’m afraid the marriage would last. Priscilla wants to raise children to be my wife and I must keep my comittment.” Naive, simple Elvis! In fact AnnMargret is still caring her sick husband and Priscilla, after five years of marriage left him for a man “who was a real man and let her feel a real woman”(her words) And after his death she forgot her surname ,riappropriates his which opened her all the doors of( could you imagine?) the showbiz,as a cinema and tv actress (?), dancer, writer etc. until she found her appropriate way,manager and business woman.

    Another question I would like to ask you since I trust you: Why all Priscilla’s biographies on the socials stop at her managemente of EPE and dont mention all the love affair she had before and afte marriage (with a few exception :Mike Stone and Marco Garibaldi)?They mention only Elvis’s betrayals, which, to tell the truth, were only two, the one with AnnMargret and Kathy Westmoreland because he ws mentally and sentimentally involved. At 14, she was too young, at 16 she was still infatuated, but living with Elvis for more than 6 years before marriage, she knew that Elvis loved women and women loved andtempted him, she could leave him or accept him as a truly loving woman knowing that he would always return to her and above all to his beloved daughter and that he would never leave both.on the contrary she preferred ,during marriage to lead a separate life and after to go away towards a fabulous free life. The biographer ; Goldman, among all the lies and half.truths he said, he writes a right statement about Priscilla:”The difference between Stone and Evis is that they made love very often and priscilla was “HUNGRY” for love WHICH KIND OF LOVE?Could she understand the interests, the mind, the spiritual problems of her EX husband? Sorry for being so long if someone happens to read these lines.

  8. Jessica Burgin says:

    Larry do u think elvis killed himself

  9. Nicoleta says:

    Very interesting article. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Julie says:

    Hello Mr Gellar,

    1.Are you related at all to Uri Gellar who used ot bend spoons?
    2. Was elvis interested in magic and the occult?
    3. What did he think of the resurrection mentioned in the bible he often read Acts 24:15?


    • Larry Geller says:

      1. Uri is a good friend and we think we may be cousins.
      2. Elvis was into spiritual growth, understanding and God’s communion.
      3. He did not often read that. In terms of the resurrection, you should read my book “Leaves of Elvis’ Garden.”

  11. Julie T says:

    I thought Elvis and Ann-Margaret were perfect for each other but I understand his concerns about careers and he was old fashioned and wanted a stay at home wife and mother of his children. Priscilla was a real beauty and the made a gorgeous couple. It is sad that he couldn’t stay true to Priscilla and thought he had to be promiscuous while married to her. I think they would have been so happy and he probably would have lived to an older age. I’ve always thought that he still loved her so much and she loved him too. Circumstances of being famous really ruined their wonderful life they could have had. I loved his voice. There has never been anyone to compare. Thanks for being his friend and I’m sure he was a good friend in return. A friend of mine and I thought we saw Elvis and Priscilla one time in Oklahoma. They were in a convertible and they stopped to get gas in their car. She and I pumped gas at her Dad’s gas station. Anyway, they were two of the most beautiful people we ever saw. This had to of been either 1966 or 1967. After they drove off we looked at each other and said, was that Elvis? I guess we will never know. Thanks for the article. I enjoyed it. God bless you.

  12. Linda Favrholdt says:

    Hi Larry

    Thank you for sharing Elvis’s personal thoughts about Ann and Priscilla. I am happy to hear that he knew the difference between lust and love. I am happy he married Priscilla. When I look at videos and photos of them I see a love that is touching warm and natural. The love He showed for her and Lisa is so beautiful. I understand how marriage for some people is wonderful yet painful and ends in divorse but the love and the bond for some is deep and still carries on. So happy Priscilla and Lusa and her children keep Elvis’s memories and Graceland going. I appreciate all you share of your deep friendship with Elvis and often think how lucky you and his friends and family were to be loved by him.

  13. Anna says:

    Hello there,

    I am since 1973 a big fan of Elvis Presley. For me, there is still no singer and entertainer like him.

    Through her book, Mr. Geller, you get to know a completely different side of Elvis Presley. Thanks a lot for this. I was interested man Elvis Presley and have read a lot about him and heard statements of his colleagues. You get a rough picture of him, it is difficult if you do not know the man. (This is why I allow myself no judgment upon him)

    But for me it is a sad picture, with all the beautiful moments and times which he had before.

    Since his mother had done for him and also spoils (which I can understand) and then the Colonel (for me the share of early death Elvis) had him well under control, Elvis could never grow up properly. Selbstbestimment- and responsible for himself and his life time, he never had a chance. He did what was expected of him, he obeyed.

    His daughter Lisa made once among others the following statement: “and all the crap around it.” Children at that age get even with a lot.
    Why was so isolated it in order to better control him?
    Has not he noticed?

    After all, he must have been a great person and friend.

    I would be delighted to hear from you. Many thanks.

    I hope it will be understood because I use a translation program.

  14. Anna says:


    Was this marriage really voluntarily?, I ask myself
    Has not he done it again just what was expected of him?, as often happens.
    For me it was a sad life because deceive the beautiful moments, when surely many were of it, not over it.
    It would have been nice if someone had helped him to grow up, then it would have been different.

    Mr. Geller they said Elvis wanted some change in his life.
    My Question: Did he ever have the strength and should be settimg this at all to left?

    I have written a translation program, it should not be read correctly.

    best Whishes

    • Larry Geller says:

      In the last year of his life Elvis finally came to realize he had to make dramatic changes in his life, and he was planning to do just that. Would he have done it? No one can know for sure but I think he was ready.

      • Laura Navas Gaylord says:

        Mr. Larry Gellar, of all the people Elvis had in his life I truly believe you are one of the few that truly cared about the man. I saw a video where you spoke about Elvis and his death (along with members of the MM) and you were the one person who seemed genuine . I don’t know any of the people who speak about Elvis so I shouldn’t judge. However, I believe the Col. Tom Parker saw Elvis as his cas cow and destroyed him. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like to be Elvis…and I am thankful for that.
        I was first saw Elvis on August 16th 1977. I walked into the living room and found my mom sobbing. I asked her what was wrong and she said Elvis had died. I didn’t know who Elvis was and asked her why was she crying over someone she never knew. Later, that evening I got my answer.

        My mother told me that I was to stay up with her and watch the special that would air that night. I saw Elvis on the TV (for the first time) and instantly fell in love. I was only 7 years old. The only music I ever played or listened to was Elvis (until I entered
        high school) . I always say that if Elvis is not in my Heaven then it won’t be Heaven for me. Sadly, even in death that poor man is still wanted by everyone …including me. Am I the only one who sees the sadness/madness in such a statement. There is not a soul in this world that could handle that much adoration.

  15. donnell5933 says:

    I’ve got to admit this is one of the most eye-catching postings I’ve discovered for this subject matter. I’ll certainly follow your posts.

  16. carolin7899 says:

    Great content in comparison to many of the other posts I’ve checked out. Keep up the good work.

  17. Lula says:

    I just want to say how neat and pretty his hair was..always!…my mother sure did love him to smitherines!…that was cool to have known him thru the years…rest in paradise elvis!!!..

  18. Jaclyn mormile says:

    Hi Larry ,hope all is well. I really loved Elvis ! When I was a young girl I used to lay on the floor close to the TV set and watch Elvis movies and pretend one day I would marry him ,ha what an imagination I had. He truly touch so many peoples souls of all ages ,ex specially mine.His voice was incredible ,I truly loved his gospel songs ,they brought tears of joy to my eyes . Larry my question to you is before Elvis passed away ,was he becoming more spiritual within himself and finding peace and getting ready to make plans to marry ginger and have more children ?

  19. angela mckeown says:

    Hi larry, came across your page and your accounts of your life with elvis made me feel sadness, the search for truth is painfully apparent, styling elvis’s hair for the last time must have been so difficult, ive read parts of your book and will deffinately buy it, its next on my hitlist. I wish you happiness and health for the future. Gof bless

  20. Rick Leist A.K.A. Elvis Rick Presley says:

    Hi Larry I have been an Elvis impersonator for 30 years of course there is and will be only one Elvis I have tried to style my hair like you styled Elvis’s hair but to no avail do you have any any suggestions ?

  21. Sharon Borg says:

    Hi Larry, I loved your book and I’am so happy to know that Elvis had such a great friend like you in his life. Elvis needed to have someone like you to confide and talk too. He was not perfect but either is anyone else, we all have good and bad in us. I love that he was so into finding God and for you helping him. I believe that this made him a better man in so many ways, its to bad you were gone those few years when I know he needed you. I love Elvis and will always love him, I wish I could have meant him but after reading your book I feel like I know him better. He was a special person and still is today and deserves to be. Thanks. Sharon Borg

  22. Ariane says:

    How a nice article is this to read, after all: all I read from Elvis is nice.
    Personally, I think Priscilla was the perfect match for him, she fit perfectly with his beauty, cause she was a blow-away-beauty too!
    Then, what he, himself, said about her; he made his own choice, I guess, unlike what a lot of other people are thinking.
    How nice it would be, if a friend of Elvis would gave me a message in return, hope to hear from you Larry!


  23. Joe says:

    Hello Larry , huge fan and in some ways a son to your friend Elvis. My dad left mom with 5 young children and I really believe watching Elvis’ movies shaped me early in life. His manners, humility and generosity are a few traits I’ve absorbed. Wish I had his looks and voice – LOL . Ironically, I write this from a drug treatment program on the day before his death anniversary. There can be no self fulfilling something or other that I’m here being a fan of his – I wonder… Anyway, I’ve heated u on your friend George,s radio show many times. Keep up the sharing – us fans are blessed to hear from one of the few who knew the one so many loved – wish me luck as I have my own family relying on my making my own comeback. With love and respect , thank u

  24. Dianne Gilbert says:

    It was sad Elvis didn’t end up with Ann Margaret. Lisa Marie would had a different Mommy. I give Pricilla credit for helping her daughter keep Graceland alive. It was meant to be, Elvis marrying Pricilla. I loved Elvis, and for doing the honorable thing by marrying her, and making and keeping a promise to her step-dad.

    • Priscilla loved Elvis with all her heart. Elvis didn’t want to be tied down to one woman. He had 15 to 20 guys around him at all times. Priscilla was dieing for affection from the man she adored. The pictures are proof of the love in both of their eyes. And then came the prescription drugs and their abuse. A young mother (Priscilla) cannot be faulted for taking her child out of that environment. Lisa visited with her dad and was even there when he died. I believe Priscilla still loves him to this day. However there is not always a happy ending. After the divorce Elvis started on a downward spiral. As with anyone hooked on prescription drugs, NO one can help them unless they do it themselves…… Just one aside, I’ve heard George Klein many times on his radio show telling how he set Elvis up with women who wanted to meet and greet (sleep with) Elvis. Elvis was married and had a small child. Can you respond to this at all? Thank you. Love your blogs. Looking forward to the hair products,

  25. m sakara says:

    I just read your book, IF I CAN DREAM, which I enjoyed, with such details as Elvis watching the movie BECKET, and being a Pink Panther fan—-which is the sort of stuff idiot biographer Albert Goldman left out of his long, hateful, book.

    I read Goldman’s book weeks ago, and Goldman (born 1927), was too old to appreciate Elvis, even in the 1950s; he must have started hating him even back then.

    Too bad there weren’t many books on gnostic Christianity back in the 1960s; Elaine Pagels books on the subject, in last 20 years, are interesting.

  26. Susie says:

    Thanks for the great information again on Elvis.He was just precious.It’s nice to hear someone tell the world what Elvis’ perspective was on things such as marriage. You can still feel the love and energy from him today. One of a kind.Take Care.Susie

  27. Susie says:

    Hi, Larry
    Thanks for the information. You have great stories. It’s nice to hear what Elvis’ perspective was on marriage. Bye the way, his hair always looked so nice in his movies.

  28. Susie says:

    Hi Larry,
    Thanks again for the great information.I’m going to watch Viva Las Vegas again. I love the scene when Elvis opens the wine bottle and sprays it all over Ann Margaret I rewind it everytime. Ann Margaret and Priscilla were two lucky ladies. He was just a beautiful person inside and out.Take Care.

  29. Juana Luz Rivera says:

    Hzello Larry, It is of great pleasure to salute someone who was very dear and loved by Elvis. I just wanted to mention that it has been about 3 to 4 weeks that I saw the Elvis special from the Aloha from Hawaii concert in the KPBS programing and since then I’ve been drawn to look into his life. I had heard his music yet I have never been interested until now. I sincerely feel his enourmeous charisma and enchanting apearence all wrapped up in the sweet spell of his voice. How can he have such an impact having the fact that he is not with us anymore?
    However I feel compasionate for him because I believe in friendship and you were the closest he had of a friend because u tried to reach the his very trubled soul and for that please feel proud. Thank u (Luz)

  30. Yosra says:

    Thanks for this wonderful blog, i would like to ask something, was Elvis really devastated after divorce from Priscella and was it the start of his downfall (emotionally) or was that just a coincidence in timing??

    • Larry Geller says:

      Elvis was certainly unhappy about the divorce, but the only downfall he experienced in later years was related to his health. His spirits were good and he was optimistic and making plans for the future.

      • matt griffin says:


        I always thought you were maligned by the other guys in his group. He needed more Good Souls Like You Frien

        God Bless!

  31. Marlene Hirzel says:

    Was interested in how far Elvis’ interest in the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings went. I feel that if Elvis took more time off to reflect and meditate, with S.R.F. and you Larry as a grounding tool, maybe he would have found that there is always an alternative to your problems, there is always a way out.
    Thanks for this site, is very interesting.
    Very Truly Yours,

    • Larry Geller says:

      Elvis did have a meditation practice, both with and without me. His relationship with the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and SRF went very deep. I wrote about this connection in my book Leaves of Elvis’ Garden, in the chapter “An Eternal Quest.”

  32. Jenny says:

    Thank you Larry for being his good friend, for making him feel at ease. love u larry

  33. Christina says:

    Hi larry ,
    This a great website for elvis fans. What year did you meet elvis? I was just curious.
    All your stories are great! I was wondering have you been to graceland since it’s been open to the public? Do you still have a friendship with lisa or priscilla? This website is great. Thankyou for sharing these great stories!

  34. Sherry says:

    I would like to ask Larry this question: Some people say that Priscilla, too, had show business ambitions from the beginning, but hid them from Elvis until she got him married.

    Of course, we all know that right after the divorce (or before) she got herself an agent. When you knew Elvis and Priscilla, did you get that impression at all?

  35. maritza saldala says:

    Good Evening, I was just a little girl of 14 when the news of Elvis passing came on the television i remember exactly where i was standing and how i froze as my mom said to me I have bad news honey, Elvis is dead. You see at that time there wasnt cellulars that could give you the minute to minute news of anything happening around the globe. No internet, nada. Anyways, i have always been of fan and love to see him in action on screen , my parent who spoke no english would keep the newspapers that had run articles on Elvis health. And i would cut them out and kept them in an album. Many many years past and i finally as an adult was able to take a trip to Graceland I remember the taxi driving in front of the house looking for the entrance to drop me off. I dont know why but i wept quitely feeling the loss all over again like if it just had happened. Well Larry I have read as much as possible about Elvis as time allows, some people write things and obviously its to make a profit. It saddens me but thats human nature. I havent read a book written by you but im going to buy one tonight on Amazon because I trully believe in my heart Elvis trusted you and in your spiritual guidance, those you dont agree are just jeolous of his confidence in you. My mother always tells me i have whats called in spanish “un ojo clinico” translation a vision into a persons soul. I dont know why and how i got that. But in my lives experience it seems to be true for me. I can just sense people and if they are good indivuals who mean well or just pure b.s. Anyway thank you for shareing your memories of Elvis, for those of us who all we will ever have is just heresay im very thankful for that. Maritza

  36. Hello Larry
    I have not written to you for a while, I hope all is well with you. I am about to complete my second series of children’s books. Did you have a chance to view my audio book, “Goshin – The Secret Revealed” on Utube. If you would like to have the full version I am happy to send one to you at no cost.
    Kind regards
    Kancho Deena Naidu

  37. I sorry I writing to you again so soon. You need to share this more as many would love to hear it. The world is about to go through great changes and we live in very interesting times. You are a light and it will shine it’s brightest as this night ( time) is at it’s darkest hour. People need to learn, people want to learn and the world is ready to learn. I loved Swami Paramanansa Yogananda he was a great inspiration to me.
    Thank you again
    Kancho Deena Naidu

  38. I had been a great fan and still is of Elvis. It is amazing that the life of Elvis has run a close parallel to mine although I have never been an entertainer. I think Elvis’s real attraction to women, although might have turned to lust in many occasions was spiritual. As I feel of the two sexes male and female is that women are closer to God than man is. They are more spiritual in many ways. Most religious institutions are filled more with women then men. What you have said in your article is very enlightening and has encouraged me to continue on my path of spirituality. This is not because it happened to Elvis it is because it is the Truth.
    I commend you for your article and I hope I can meet with you someday. You have my web site and my email address. Wonderful work, it is most interesting and thank you.
    Kind regards
    Kancho Deena Naidu
    Head teacher of Goshin
    Mobile 0405000366 or 0413 207 049 ( Sydney, Australia)
    Author of Discovering Martial Arts, Budo-ka – True Spiritual Warriors, We Are God, We are the Power of God, Goshin – The Secret Revealed.

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